The Order

The Military Order of the Collar of Saint Agatha of Paternò, also called the Military Order of the Collar (M.O.C.), is an ancient Order of Chivalry, subject to international law, belonging to the Head of Name and Arms of the Royal House of Aragon of the dynasty of Paternò Castello e Guttadauro Ayerbe Aragona of the Dukes of Carcaci and of the Princes of Emmanuel under its Grand Master H.R.H. Don Francesco, Duke of Perpignan.

The Order was founded in the 13th Century by the Aragonese Kings of Majorca and restored in 1851. It is a non-national Order as defined by the Law of 3 March 1951 of the Republic of Italy. The Protectress and Patroness of the Order is Saint Agatha, Virgin and Martyr, whose Feast is celebrated on 5th February. Saint Agatha's heroic defense of Christian principle makes her a very appropriate Protectress for an Order of Knights.

The principal aim of the Order is to propagate in the modern world the traditions of chivalry as a way of life.  The Order practices good works through its various foundations, both national and international.  These foundations are managed under the auspices of the MOC’s Hospitaller Service.

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